About Zag

ZAG is a private firm specializing in kids and family entertainment. Its multiple divisions include production companies and animation studios - located in the USA, Asia, and Europe - that develop TV series, movies, and games.

Lady Bug

Modern-day Paris, Marinette and Adrien are two high school kids with a difference: they are the chosen ones to save Paris from evil! They have been entrusted with an important mission – to capture akumas, creatures responsible for turning normal people into super-baddies.
When involved in such adventures, these two school kids become superheroes: Marinette transforms into Ladybug and Adrien becomes Cat Noir.
But Ladybug and Cat Noir do not know each other’s true identity. Marinette is unaware that, beneath the Cat Noir costume nestles Adrien, her secret crush. Similarly, Adrien doesn’t know that Ladybug is, in actual fact, just Marinette - one of the girls in his class.

26x26’ - broadcasted over 120 countries including Disney Channels

Zagtoon . Method . Toei Animation . TF1
Disney . Bandaï . SamG . Curlstone


The 7Cs tells of the adventures of Will Gamble, a headstrong and adventrous kid swept into the Bermuda Triangle while trying to win a surfing competition. Once inside, Will partners up with a magical sword that allows him to transform into a swashbuckling, renegade hero to face the numerous perils of the unique and diverse Seven Seas of the Triangle.

39 episodes of 22 minutes each.

Zagtoon . Method . SamG . Man of action . Eone entertainment


Born on the same day and on the same beach, Ricky and Ella promised each other they would always stay together, like their grandparents before them. They know that they can rely on each other and that Anabel and Pipo, their friends, will always be there to help them.
Throughout these adventure, you will discover that underwater life is quite similar to life on earth, full of unexpected!

52 episodes of 11minutes each.

Zagtoon. Nexus factory. Nwave. M6. Tiji. Studio Canal


Rosie is a brat, pure and simple. But it doesn’t mean she can’t smile!

Rosie has an imaginary friend she calls blackie, And, as the name doesn’t suggest, blackie is a green sheep. Rosie loathes her neighbour, but she spends all of her time with him. Rosie mocks you, laughs at you or doesn’t care about you, simply because she doesn’t care about anything.

Season 1. 104 episodes of 1minute each.
Season 2. 78 episodes of 5 minutes each.

2minutes . Zagtoon . Gulli . AB


Fancy Sushis ? After watching an episode of Ko-Bushi, you won’t ever see them in the same light again …
After closing hours at Ko-Bushi, the Japanese restaurant, the Sushis come to life and spend the night try to avoid falling into the traps set by the famous white porcelain cat « maneki-neko » !
He too comes alive and when he does is starving hungry! Unfortunately for him our Sushis are martial arts experts. So sit back, have another cup of Cherry Flower tea and enjoy the fabulous tales of the crazy, funny, BanzaÏ !!!

Season 1. 52 episodes of 7minutes each.
Season 2. 52 episodes of 7minutes each.
90’ animated feature film in production...

Zagtoon. Inspidea . 2 minutes . Gulli . Manga.


Extremely talented musicians, singers, dancers and actors have gone through an extensive auditioning process to attend the prestigious “Hollywood School of the Arts” (HSA) in Hollywood, California. Not only are they here to further their respective artistic careers, but to also competing for a spot in a worldwide concert to achieve ultimate fame.

Season 1. 104 episodes of 7minutes each.

4 Specials
10 webisodes
1 Japanese Anime OAV


Four Heroic Kids with the powers of legends in their hands battle history’s greatest myths for the fate of the modern world!
In modern day Alexandria, a group of energetic kids are about to discover that the fantasy books they’ve been reading and loving aren’t fantasies at all. Powered by mysterious devices called “occulos” these four heroes in the making are about to take their place alongside the most legendary stories ever told.

Season 1. 39 episodes of 26 minutes each.

Zagtoon studios


Helping the haunted-home in time for dinner! Rescuing the haunted-home in time for dinner! Capturing ghosts-home in time for dinner! High school students by day-ghost hunters by night! School, homework, ghosts!

Season 1. 39 episodes of 22 minutes each.


Zagtoon is a TV production company on the rise, specializing in animated TV-series for kids. It was created in 2009 by Jeremy Zag and Jacqueline Tordjman. Zagtoon has recently made a splash in the international TV-market by producing Ladybug, the #1 selection at the 2013 Mipcom Worldwide Screening. The show is to be co-produced with TF1, Method Animation, the Disney Channel, and Toei Animation with Bandai developing the toys.


Zag Animation Studios is based in Los Angeles, CA and specializes in animated feature-films. The official film line-up will be announced in early 2015.


This division, which specializes in music, manages the individual song rights for all ZAG, Inc.’s divisions, and has recording studios located in Paris, Brussels, and Glendale, CA.

Recently, ZAG Records purchased a selection of Disney’s music catalog, which includes more than 300 theme songs from such cult series as Starsky & Hutch, Inspector Gadget, Goldorak, The Mysterious Cities of Gold, and many more.


ZAG Digital specialises in digital gaming and a variety of web content, such as animated webisodes and apps.

ZAG, INC. - Beverly Hills, CA, USA
Jeremy Zag Matthew Wallerstein Andre' Lake Mayer Jared Wolfson
ZAGTOON - Paris, FRANCE - Glendale, CA, USA
Jacqueline Tordjman David Bineau David Botvinik Sebastien Thibaudeau Michael Delachenal
Nathanael Bronn Pascal Boutboul Joe Barnathan & Marcus Rinehart Thimothée Sadowski

Founder & CEO

Jeremy Zag is the founder of ZAG, Inc.
He currently manages the firm’s different branches– based in Los Angeles, Paris, Brussels, Tokyo and Seoul– which include Zagtoon, co-founded with Jacqueline Tordjman in 2009.
As a producer, Jeremy Zag has created and developed a variety of animated TV-series and feature films. He currently supervises the entire creative side of ZAG, Inc., choosing the properties that will be produced by each of its multiple divisions.

Matthew Wallerstein

Matthew Wallerstein received a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from the University of Arizona and received a J.D. from Southwestern University School of Law. Matthew joined the firm in 2007 and represents actors, directors, writers, and producers in the film, television and new media industries; as well as international film financiers and distributors. Wallerstein is the Head of Legal Affairs for all of Zag, Inc.’s American divisions.

Andre' Lake Mayer
Senior Vice President - worldwide consumer products

Andre’ Lake Mayer joins ZAG as Senior Vice President of Zag Inc. overseeing worldwide consumer products, licensing and brand management. She will leverage her 25 years of experience in strategic business development within the entertainment-driven consumer products and licensing industry. Ms. Mayer was extremely instrumental in the global re launch of the Star Warsfranchise during her 5 year tenure with Lucasfilm after building the Star Trek global consumer products program at Paramount Pictures. After this 10 year run, Mayer then implemented branded extension programs for Turner Classic Movies under her own agency Twister Sisters Inc., and subsequently helped launch Cookie Jar Entertainment. For the last 8 years she has been a Vice President of Licensing & Acquisition for Playmates Toys then Bandai America Inc..

Jacqueline Tordjman

Jacqueline co-founded SABAN, the company that produced international TV series like Power Rangers and Inspector Gadget. After the sale of Saban to Disney, Jacqueline partnered with Jeremy Zag in 2009 to found Zagtoon, which they run together.

David Botvinik

David founded Fianet, the first French website offering secure online payment. He joined Zagtoon as a shareholder. He serves as an advisor to the board.

Sebastien Thibaudeau
Head Script Supervisor

Sebastien oversees Script Supervision for Zagtoon's TV series. He is in charge of managing all of the scriptwriters for each series, thereby maintaining continuity within each property.

Michael Delachenal
Script Supervisor

Along with Sebastien Thibaudeau, Michael serves as the link between Zagtoon’s writers and the artistic teams of each broadcaster, including major networks like the Disney Channel.

Nathanael Bronn
Head of Art Department

Nathanael supervises– along with Jeremy Zag– the art department for all of Zag, Inc.’s divisions. He co-supervises the graphic development of each property. Nathanael Bronn also directs some of the Studio’s animated feature-films.

Pascal Boutboul
Creative Director

Pascal supervises– along with Jeremy Zag and Nathanael Bronn– creative affairs for all of Zag, Inc.’s divisions.

Joe Barnathan & Marcus Rinehart
Development Executives & Head Writers

As joint heads of the studio's story department, Joe & Marcus supervise the creation and development of original feature-film concepts, while also providing screenplays.

Thimothée Sadowski
Concept Artist

Thimothee works closely with the story department in order to develop concept art for original feature-film concepts.

Sylvain Goldberg
Co-founder & CEO
Sales, Development, & Artistic Projects Manager

Sylvain co-founded the company with Jeremy Zag and Serge de Poucques.

Serge de Poucques
Co-founder & CFO
Financial & Legal Manager

Along with Sylvain Goldberg, Serge oversees and optimizes all related functions of the co-productions– both animation and live action– between Belgium and other European countries.

Pierre Foulon
Head of Live-Action Productions

Pierre is in charge of pre-production on European-produced feature films.

Benjamin Goossens
Project Manager

Benjamin oversees the development of all games and apps for ZAG Digital, managing the teams for both graphic design and programming.

Jean Regis Harry

Jean Regis supervises the programming teams for all of ZAG Digital’s games.

Benoit Faviere
Artistic Dept.

Benoit supervises the graphic design teams for all of ZAG Digital’s games.

Alain Garcia & Noam Kaniel
TV Series Composers

Together, Alain and Noam compose all of the music for Zagtoon’s TV series, and they have composed music for many popular TV series, such as Goldorak, Cities of Gold, Spiderman, Power Rangers, etc.

Guy & Olivier Meulenyzer
Copyright Managers

Together, Guy and Olivier manage the worldwide rights for the entire ZAG Records catalog.

October 21, 2014
NETFLIX and SABAN BRANDS announce POPPLES, a new original series for kids
June 17, 2014
ZAG launches glendale california entertainment studio and taps key executives
January 30, 2014
ZAG TOON is very proud to announce the partnership with Bandai as master toy, and Disney Channel for Ladybug
October 16, 2013
PGS partners with Zagtoon
October 7, 2013
‘LadyBug’ and ‘Alvin’ Most Popular Toons at MIP Junior
June 6, 2012
ZAGTOON to produce ‘Knight Five’

    Based On The Loveable Characters From The 1980s, Popples Is Set To POP Onto Netflix Worldwide In 2015

    Beverly Hills, Calif. (September 24, 2014) – Saban Brands and Netflix Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) announced today a POP-tastic original kids series, Popples, exclusively for all Netflix members worldwide. This new playful animated series will re-imagine the nostalgic adorable species of brightly colored creatures that transform from fluffy balls to furry friends and back again, while keeping the same silly spirit of the original Popples characters that fans know and love. Originally introduced in 1985, Popples made their debut with a successful toy line followed by what became a very popular Saturday morning television show. Netflix will transport viewers into the colorful world of Popplopolis with 26 half-hour episodes, beginning in late 2015.

    “We look forward to debuting this new Popples series to children around the world,” said Haim Saban, Chairman and CEO of Saban Capital Group and founder of Saban Brands. “Netflix continues to be a great strategic partner, delivering compelling content that kids can enjoy anywhere and everywhere. With Netflix global reach, we know Popples will reach a whole new generation of kids that will love it as much as their parents.”

    “Saban Brands has made history producing iconic and globally recognizable kids shows like Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation and the new Julius Jr. series,” said Ted Sarandos, Netflix Chief Content Officer. “We are excited to expand the relationship we enjoy together around the world with the launch of Popples as a new Netflix original series for kids.”

    Each episode’s fantastical adventure will be driven by the wacky and comedic enthusiasm of the loveable Best Popple Pals (BPP’s): Bubbles, Sunny, Lulu, Izzy and Yikes. Always wanting to help their friends, neighbors and each other, the BPP’s optimistic intentions typically backfire in hilarious ways, leading them to find new and crazy ways to unwind the mayhem they’ve caused. Luckily they always manage to save the day in their own POP-tastic way. Saban Brands is producing the new Popples series with ZAG Entertainment, and Method Animation exclusively for Netflix.

    About Popples

    Popples are fun, lovable, brightly colored and adorable creatures that transform from fluffy balls to furry friends and back again. Saban Brands will re-imagine the franchise for a new generation of kids with an all-new animated series in 2015. The show will be auz high-energy comedy series, driven by the optimistic comic entertainment of its main characters, or Best Popple Pals (BPP’s): Bubbles, Sunny, Lulu, Izzy and Yikes. Popples made its original debut in the U.S. in 1985 with a successful toy line, followed by a Saturday morning television show based on the toys. Visit www.sabanbrands.com for more information.

    About Netflix

    Netflix is the world's leading Internet television network with over 50 million members in more than 40 countries enjoying more than one billion hours of TV shows and movies per month, including original series. For a low monthly price, Netflix members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on nearly any Internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

    About Saban Brands

    Formed in 2010 as an affiliate of Saban Capital Group, Saban Brands (SB) was established to acquire and develop a world-class portfolio of properties and capitalize on the company’s experience, track record and capabilities in growing and monetizing consumer brands through content, media and marketing. SB applies a global omni-channel management approach to enhancing and extending its brands in markets worldwide and to consumers of all ages. The company provides full-service management, marketing, promotion and strategic business development for its intellectual properties including comprehensive strategies unique to each brand, trademark and copyright management and enforcement, creative design, retail development, direct-to-consumer initiatives and specialized property extensions. SB's portfolio of properties currently includes Power Rangers, Paul Frank, Macbeth, Julius Jr., Digimon Fusion and Popples, among many others. For more information, visit www.sabanbrands.com.


    June 17, 2014 - Glendale, CA - ZAG is well positioned to make a huge splash in the global kids & family entertainment market as it launches its US operations this summer with the opening of a new, state of the art 40,000 square foot entertainment studio. Situated in the same highly-coveted stretch of Glendale as Disney and DreamWorks, the ZAG Studios campus will predominately house the pre-and post-production creative and executive teams for the company's feature film and TV divisions, including animation and live action productions.

    ZAG, the entertainment firm founded by Jeremy Zag, includes a well-established TV animation division ZAGTOON, which was originated in 2009 by a partnership between Jeremy Zag and Jacqueline Tordjman. Since then, the company operations have achieved significant growth with ZAG offices placed strategically in key cities; Paris, Brussels, Seoul and Tokyo. In this time, ZAG has produced and sold more than 100 half hours of high quality full CGI animation programming into more than 150 markets worldwide. ZAG is currently in development and physical production on 12 new and original properties, of which LadybugTM, GhostforceTM, SuperstarTM and PowearthTM will be making their North American debut this week at the Licensing Expo 2014 – Booth A140.

    “The launch of ZAG in the US was an inevitable evolution and always aligned with Jeremy’s dream,” said Jacqueline Tordjman. “I am very proud of him and what he has worked so hard to accomplish.”

    As a kick-off to the new studio in Glendale, California, ZAG has tapped two highly respected global entertainment brand executives, Andre' Lake Mayer and Jared Wolfson, with the responsibility of driving the development and sustainability of long-term, multi-category trans-media brands, for today’s generation of kids and families worldwide.

    Andre' Lake Mayer joins ZAG as President of Global Brand Strategy & Consumer Products. Mayer is a 25-year veteran in the film and TV entertainment-based consumer products, toy and licensing industry. She brings a wealth of strategic and operational experience in all aspects of the business from creative concepting to commercialization on-air, on-screen and in-store. From spearheading the overall US consumer products relaunch and business management of the Star Wars franchise, to building the Star Trek consumer products business from its infancy, to managing strategic partnerships, acquisitions, inventor relations and public relations for Playmates and subsequently Bandai, Ms. Mayer brings powerful business acumen and critical relationships to the team.

    Jared Wolfson joins ZAG as Head of Production, Development & Acquisitions for ZAG's US TV Division. Wolfson holds 15 years of hands-on involvement in production, development, consumer products marketing and licensing activities in the kids and family business. From co-creating Nickelodeon’s Monsuno to his work with top name brands including Pokémon, Star Wars, Marvel Universe, SpongeBob SquarePants and Club Penguin, among many others, Wolfson brings deep experience across the board in executing global, multi- category entertainment properties.

    "I'm thrilled to have this dream team to align with my vision,” said Jeremy Zag. “Collectively they bring a vast depth of knowledge and creativity within our industry. Their expertise will be invaluable as we define and expand our portfolio of properties, and build this exciting endeavor of ZAG for the next generation of kids.”

    “ZAG has established itself globally in a very short period of time as an artistic innovator in the kids animation business,” said Mayer.“Add on the feature film aspect and this becomes an incredible opportunity to build powerful, relevant global consumer brands conceived with toy and consumer products foresight. I look forward to defining and executing ZAG’s long-term creative business strategy with this visionary team, along with our partners and collaborators.”

    "I couldn't be more pleased to join Jeremy and the ZAG group at this very exciting time,” said Wolfson. “I greatly look forward to collaborating with our global network of supremely talented and passionate creatives and support teams in building what will quickly become a best-in-class multi-category entertainment studio, establishing a meaningful place on the world stage."

    Staying true to its strategy of aligning with world-class talent, ZAG has also partnered with Man of Action Entertainment, in collaboration with ZAG’s in-house European creative team to develop several of the original properties within the slate.

    “We are very excited to be partnering with ZAG on upcoming television and feature projects,” said Man of Action Entertainment. “We feel a great amount of synergy with ZAG in our shared love of building imaginative, original new worlds and characters from scratch. From creating BEN 10 and Generator Rex for Cartoon Network, to conceptualizing, writing and executive producing Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers: Assemble for Marvel/Disney XD, we are pumped for this next evolution of our creative process with ZAG.”



    PARIS -- 30 January, 2014 – Zagtoon is very proud to announce the deal with Bandaï America Inc., as the master toy of the unique new CGI TV series Ladybug (26 x 26min). The series is a co-production from French animation companies Zagtoon and Method Animation with Japan’s Toei Animation and has international partners such as SAM-G, AB International, Curlstone, SK Broadband, and its leading commissioner in France, TF1.

    BANDAI is the third largest producer of toys in the world and the leading toy company in Japan. The company retains some of the most popular toy properties in the world. With Ladybug, Bandai plans to develop an amazing, globally-minded collection of dolls, role play, games and lifestyle products bringing to life the first new, universally-appealing, iconic super heroine in animation’s history.
    This adventure is possible today thanks to Jérémy Zag, who opened an active office and studio in Los Angeles to work closely with Bandai as a major partner Said Jacqueline Tordjman and Aton Soumache and. Jeremy Zag Opened a big studio in Glendale in order to manage all the Zag inc. Brands, and in order to create ZAG ANIMATION STUDIOS FILMS.

    Ladybug follows the story of Marinette and Adrien, Parisian junior high school students with a big secret – they're superheroes! Using magical powers, they transform into the bickering duo Ladybug and Chat Noir. But neither knows the other’s true identity, so Marinette has no idea that her school crush, Adrien, is Chat Noir. And Chat Noir has no idea that his crush, Ladybug, is really Marinette! They have been chosen to save Paris from the mysterious evil villain Hawk Moth who wants their magical powers for himself. Marinette has to juggle her two identities: saving Paris as Ladybug and winning Adrien's heart as Marinette.

    “ LadyBug is a superhero with an American look, with Japanese powers and we keep the european soul thanks to Paris as background for the show”, commented Jeremy Zag, president of Zagtoon. It’s the first time in animation there will be a superheroine, for and dedicated to girls. With a strong partner as Bandai, we are sure to have wonderful compelling products, totally in tune with the DNA of the series.”


    PARIS -- 30 January, 2014 – Zagtoon and Method Animation are very proud to announce the deal with Disney Channel for the acquisition of the hot new CGI series Ladybug (26 x 26min). The series is a co-production from French animation companies Zagtoon and Method Animation with Japan’s Toei Animation and has international partners such as SAM-G, AB International, Curlstone, SK Broadband, and its leading commissioner in France, TF1. The deal was done by PGS Entertainment in co-distribution with AB International Distribution.

    In addition to pay tv deal signed for France as a 2nd window after TF1, the Walt Disney company also acquired pay tv rights in Europe, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia and free-to-air rights in Spain, Germany, Russia and Turkey.

    "Ladybug brings a unique twist to the superhero genre with a fresh and modern girl character who is in line with kids’ and teens’ lives today,” commented Jeremy Zag, president of Zagtoon. “The team that Ladybug forms with Adrian creates situations for a lot of comedy and action that viewers will embrace and identify with. The theatrical look of the show will connect with a more demanding audience, eager for this kind of breakout show."

    “ LadyBug is a unique project which make possible to unite several powerful players and leaders in different. We set up a financing plan and an international coproduction with the idea that “this needs to be a very ambitious project”. It’s the first time that we have such an international project that goes from East to West, from Japan to the United States.” , said Aton Soumache, Method Animation CEO.

  • PGS partners with Zagtoon

    International distributor PGS Entertainment has secured an exclusive, three-year, first-look deal with global kids’ prodco Zagtoon.

    Under the terms of the new deal, live-action/animated kids’ series Ghostforce (39 x 26 minutes) will be the companies’ first global distribution project.

    Ghostforce follows the adventures of a New York City chemistry teacher who must save the Big Apple from evil ghosts with the help of a ghost-capturing technology he created, three of his students and a friendly ghost named Flubby.

    The series is created by Zagtoon CEO Jeremy Zag (co-founder of the Saban Company along with Zagtoon co-founder Jacqueline Tordjman) and executive produced by Zagtoon.

    Zagtoon first paired with PGS on the new animated series Ladybug, which was the most viewed property at this year’s MIP Jr.

  • ‘LadyBug’ and ‘Alvin’ Most Popular Toons at MIP Junior

    The children’s programming content market MIP Junior ended on a high note on Sunday (Oct. 9) with record attendance at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes, France. The event, which featured keynotes by AwesomenessTV‘s CEO and founder Brian Robbins, Moshi Monster CEO Michael Acton Smith and Sprout president Sandy Wax. DreamWorks Animation topper Jeffrey Katzenberg will receive the personality of the year award at MIPCOM later this week. Among the many cocktail parties and events hosted by media companies on Sunday was a special celebration of the 10th anniversary of Rainbow’s Winx brand and a Junior closing night party hosted by the folks at DreamWorks Animation. Organizers reported that Junior had over 1,200 delegates, 500 buyers and over 1,100 programs available at its digital library this year. Cartoon Network also hosted a special lunch on Saturday, with a special appearance by Turner Broadcasting Kids CEO Stuart Snyder, who donned the iconic hat worn by Adventure Time‘s Finn to celebrate the show’s phenomenal popularity worldwide.

    Over the weekend, PGS Entertainment hit the jackpot at the MIP Junior screening room with two of it animated shows taking the top two spots in the most viewed shows list. French distributor PGS’ Ladybug and Alvinnn!!! And the Chipmunks were the most requested titles by buyers at the event. Foothill Entertainment’s Boy & the Dinosaur, Gaumont Animation’s Calimero, Red Kite’s Bradley and the Bee, 9 Story Ent.’s Numb Chucks and Zodiak Kids’ Extreme Football were some of the other hot titles.

  • ZAGTOON to produce ‘Knight Five’

    Jeremy Zag’s Paris-based tyke outfit Zagtoon is set to produce “Knight Five,” a series mixing live-action and CGI animation.

    Set in London, the €8 million ($10.1 million) English-language skein turns on five high school friends who make a discovery on Halloween night that gives them the power to turn into a vampire, ghost, werewolf, creature and witch, and protect the British capital from evil forces.

    “It’s similar to ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ but with a kids’ twist,” Zag told Variety at Gaul’s Annecy Animation Film Festival.

    The series will lense in Paris and Belgium and be co-produced by Sylvain Goldberg’s Nexus Factory.

    Zag heads Zagtoon with Jacqueline Tordjman, who spent the bulk of her career working with Haim Saban and brought such hit toon skeins as “Goldorak” and “Gadget and the Gadgetini” to Gallic TV.

    In other news,Zagtoon has enrolled Japan’s Toei Animation to co-produce “Miraculous” (working title), a Paris-set comedy-action series following the adventures of a justice-seeking teenage girl with super powers and a mysterious black cat.

    The $11.2 million show (previously titled “Lady Bug”), now in production, has a colorful manga style reminiscent of Toei’s cult toon skein, “Dragon Ball Z,” among others.

    Miraculous” is co-produced by Aton Soumache’s Method Animation (“The Little Prince”).

    Gallic commercial channel TF1 has pre-bought the series, which comprises 26 half-hours.

    Zag said, “Paris will finally have its superheroes.”

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